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A strong donor is needed

04/20/2015   WE ARE...

The USCENTCOM Memorial Foundation, Inc., a non-profit, federal and Florida State registered organization, in compliance with code 501 [C] [3].  We are publicly funded, and accept donations to complete the Memorial at MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa, Florida.  
No taxpayer dollars or Federal grants were used other than the land the Memorial is built on, as supplied by the US Air Force.  

After a four year hiatus bowing to the priorities and needs of our armed forces, we are attempting again to finish the project.  We wish to make it very clear as you peruse through our website, that our organization might be small in numbers, but we are big in heart.  We have been at this for thirteen years and our Foundation is about the "TROOPS".  It is not about specific units, branches of service, rank, our board, or individuals.  Our focus is clear and defined, we serve and recognize the "TROOPS" and those who have paid the ultimate price in service to their country under the Central Command.  They are all heroes

Also we believe transparency is the concept of removing all barriers to —and the facilitating of— free and easy public access to our tax-exempt corporate information and the laws, rules, social graces and processes.  It is our purpose to keep you informed.  All of our funds have be raised by donation and we are stewards of those funds.  With that said, any information about our Corporation, the Memorial, its Membership and Personnel may be obtained by writing to the President.  Other personnel, or those making claims, and not not a director are not authorized to make statements.  

The war effort turned things upside down.  When our project started in 2001, the KIA count at that time was measured in a few hundred.  Today the KIA toll is over 7000+ and the wounded count is at 50000+.   Our project represents one side of the heavy price the troops have paid.  It also means we have to upgrade the project in terms of the finishing accoutrements to reflect the current themes and in modern terms 'the branding" and the significant changes to the base.

But thirteen years after corporate recognition is long enough and yes, today we have challenges on the plate.  We lost our architect and friend who gave so much, he passed away.  Our staff is reduced to three and we are all suffering from acute retirement age.  Money is tight, donations slim, and cooperation is tight, on behalf of the base, almost too tight because of the DOD and frankly we are not a priority of war.   Regardless of what it is called we are at war, people are dying militarily and civilian 

It's never too late to become part of a great project, twelve years proves that, and we need your help.  The Central Command Memorial structure is 80% complete at MacDill AFB.  It stands proudly in front of two new additions to MacDill, namely the CENTCOM building  and the Joint Intelligence Command Headquarters Building, part of the growth and revitalization of MacDill AFB.  


As explained we have had an uphill battle in the completion of this Memorial.  This was the tough part with delays arising from the needs of the war extending as long as we have been in existence, in fact we were planning the Memorial before 9-11.  

Priorities,  to sum it up in one word.  The needs of the United States military take precedence.  The construction of the new buildings to house the Command and the Joint Forces Intel Buildings.  The changes from the DOD as to security and access are both understandable and necessary in lieu of the fact several incidences have taken place at the base.  

Our major enemy today is complacency and mother nature. Lets face it in the scheme of things this is not a priority issue.  But time is not on our side.

The time wasted in getting procurement and even parking became a nightmare.  The change from a CENTCOM project to a base project and spending over a year with the JAG as to paperwork and Congressional cost controls on a fully civilian funded operation, no government money needed was another setback.

The loss of our paperwork or it just got ignored in Washington.  Re-submitions as rules were changed as to what the funding could, can, or must be.  Frequent changes in command at the Command level, Base level hurt us.  When no one knows who you are, you get politely shoveled away.   The wars everlasting and budget constraints, not to mention the publics view of the wars that simply got us nowhere and paid for so far with 7000 of our friends, fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers, husbands, wives…and daddies...

When we made friends with those in the Command, it seems the personnel we worked with were deployed, retired, or re-assigned to the AOR theatre. We had many friends and some didn't come home.  Thats what our job is all about.  They will be remembered.  It has taken almost thirteen years, six CENTCOM Commanders, four or five base Commanders,  since the project was first envisioned and hopefully it will be finished, not just a patch job as some would contemplate.  And surprisingly enough we have only been invited to CentCom once to discuss the issue over this period of time.

Our final location actually improved. We will be situated in close proximity to the two main buildings instead of one WWII looking old facility.  Construction of the new CENTCOM building, a virtual twin of the JICCENT building is completed and is occupied.  They are beautiful and really stand out.  The two buildings are mirror - like images. We have two beautiful lakes on either side of the memorial with water aeration, and a beautiful wooden bridge over the East pond, fitting in perfectly in both size and architectural composition.  We actually have a bridge and parking.

A special thank you to our patrons and friends who realized we have had many pressing moments these past few years. You have a supported the Memorial foundation with patience, friendship and loyalty.  You have been the heroes.  You have helped us through this long process.  Again, thank you ALL for your patience and support.  It has taken five times longer than expected, but we are diligent and pressing forth at every opportunity.   We are officially starting the fundraising to upgrade and complete the project.  It is often said "Tampa loves the Military and the Military loves Tampa". 

Ms. Ellie Scarfone
President, Chairman of the Board
• 727-460 -6507 • 

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